Monday, May 7, 2012

I don't understand how Rajon Rondo does the things he does

The Celtics started the second half yesterday with a 16-2 run to build an 80-43 lead, and with 8 minutes to go in the 3rd quarter the game was over.  Seconds earlier Paul Pierce had thrown the Boston crowd into a frenzy when he ran into the stands after a foul, then high-fived fans on his way back to the court.

Pierce, Kevin Garnett, and Rajon Rondo shot a combined 24-32 from the field.  You're not going to lose many games when your 3 best players shoot 75%.  Pierce was also the game's leading scorer with 24 point in just 17 minutes of action, something that hadn't happened in a NBA game in twelve years.  Meanwhile Rondo's stat line of 20 PTS, 16 AST, and 3 STL with just 1 turnover was unlike anything done in the playoffs since Tim Hardaway had a similar game in 1991.  One assist in particular made me very eager to get home from the Garden and watch the highlights on TV, because when I saw it live I couldn't figure out how it was possible.  Here's what happened 4 minutes into the game:

As Rondo starts to throw the pass not only is KG not open, but there doesn't appear to be an angle between the defenders to fit the ball through.

Somehow he threads the needle, gets the ball between Kirk Hinrich and Josh Smith, and into the hands of a streaking Garnett for the dunk.

I rewound and watched this play about 15 times, and I still have no idea how he pulled it off.  I'm convinced there is no better passer in the league than Rajon Rondo.


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