Saturday, March 3, 2012

The LucidSportsFan expansion continues...

My services have been requested for another website,  The really cool thing about this one is that the creator is a published author who has interview tons of Celtics players and coaches over the years.  Take a look, it's pretty impressive stuff.  The site is trying to get more in tune with the current team and it's fans, so they've recruited me to write for them.

Having said that, here's a couple of stats from Friday night's win over New Jersey that jumped out to me: Kevin Garnett's 20 points marked the 5th straight game he's netted 18 or more, his best scoring run in five years.  And with the exception of the garbage time 4th against the Nets, the C's have strung together seven consecutive quarters of 25 points or more, a nice run for a team lacking consistency and only averaging 90.2 ppg.

On another note, last September I wrote a post saying that I need a LucidSportsFan logo.  It was a little bit serious, but mostly joking.  Well, now I definitely do; for real.  Ideas, suggestions, and offers to help are welcome, and would be greatly appreciated.  Somehow it has to convey all the stuff I said in that post, most of which is well represented in the profile pic of my facebook fan page The logos on the left side of the page for the other sites I write for are a good frame of reference.  It's a challenge for sure.

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