Wednesday, January 4, 2012

I watched the CRAZIEST thing I have ever seen on "60 Minutes" the other night

First, I want to say that I have always disliked 60 Minutes, for one simple reason: Going back to when I was a kid in school, that stupid ticking clock was the last thing I wanted to hear on a Sunday night.  It's the perfect metaphor for the weekend ending, and the dreaded Monday morning fast approaching.  My entire life, nothing has ever made me change the channel faster than hearing that stopwatch.  I can't believe the show's creators never thought of this a million years ago in 1968 when it first went on the air.

So the only reason I saw this feature in the first place is because a friend of mine texted me on Sunday night "Put on CBS now!"  I had recently been talking to her about my Citibank rock climbing commercial blog, and how what the girl does in the ad looks totally unsafe to me.  Now watch this:

(I know it's long and goes completely against my theme of brevity, but I PROMISE it's worth it.  As I watched it live my jaw continued to drop further and further.)

After seeing this, my conclusion is that this kid Alex Hunnold has got to be completely insane.  I am more shocked than I am impressed by it.  I can comprehend how a person can physically do what he does, but not mentally.  Which is why "raving lunatic" is the only logical explanation.

UPDATE 1/9: So it has just come to my attention that Alex Hunnold is the guy in the Citibank commercial.  Weird.


  1. I turned on the TV in the middle of this and was initially fascinated. But then I had to stop watching - it was too scary (even though he obviously survives or they wouldn't be doing the interview). Definitely mind blowing!

  2. I watched this a couple of weeks ago. I knew there were people who climbed free solo like this, but Alex Honnold takes it to another level. Totally insane. I guess it's great fun until one day you make a tiny mistake...

  3. 2 words: BAD IDEA


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