Friday, January 6, 2012

The Bruins are officially out of hand

I think I need a team of statisticians working for me in order to figure out just how good the Bruins really are right now.  For example, they have won their last two games by a combined score of 15-1; and their last two home games by a total of 17-0.  When was the last time an NHL team did that?  Boston has played 37 games this season, and has scored exactly twice as many goals as they have given up (138-69).  Has any team previously ever been able to do that this late in the season?  And of their 26 wins, 15 of them are by 3 goals or more.  Is that a record?

I have no idea how to put these numbers in any sort of historical context, but I'm guessing they all rank near the best of all time.  The Bruins also continue to dominate the league in a number of categories that I mentioned last week, most notably both total goals scored AND fewest goals allowed.  So if anybody out there reading this has access to some sort of all knowing NHL statistical database, please let me know how this Boston team currently stacks up against the all time greats.

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