Tuesday, December 20, 2011

This "GameFly" commercial scares me a bit

This ad runs a lot.  I mean all the time.  Although I am usually watching TV during the middle of  the afternoon on weekdays, so that definitely has to come into consideration.  But still, the fact that there is a legitimate target audience for this commercial kind of blows my mind.  I would get it if it were for 11 year olds.  But adults?  Really?

The first obvious question that jumps to mind: what is that blond girl at the 6 second mark doing in this commercial?  Whatever Alex P, you're not fooling anybody.  But the part I really love is the red headed guy's line at the very end, "You have to have this service, you call yourself a gamer?  You have to have it."  Wow, it must really suck for all the people out there who've been thinking all along that they are "gamers," but just realized they're not because they don't have GameFly.


  1. Obvious answer to obvious question re: girl at :06.
    A) Being hot

  2. haha, no one will believe this but i actually am alex p. and i actually have gamefly, its funny that everyone has such a hard time believing this


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