Thursday, December 22, 2011

I already know what record the Celtics will finish this season with

Yesterday, while I was wandering around doing some Christmas shopping, I came to the conclusion that I knew exactly what the Celtics record would be this year.  The NBA is playing a 66 game season.  Boston is going to finish 37-29.  Mark it down, it's a lock.  It was actually really easy to come to that number.  38-28 feels too good.  There will be a lot of games they "don't show up for" on the second night of back to backs, or when Doc sits the starters to try to keep them healthy and rested for the long run.  But 36-30 doesn't seem good enough, that's too close to mediocrity.  So there you have it, 37-29.  In fact, I guess that number is so obvious that Bill Simmons also predicted it.  If you read that link, it's basically exactly what I am saying here.  Last night while I was at the C's pre-season game I told my buddy my prediction, and he informed me that Simmons had picked the same thing.  I was pissed.  I debated not writing this.  And right now when I searched for it and found that link from ESPN Boston, I got even more irritated because it's pretty much my thoughts exactly.  But I've come this far and there's no turning back now.

In the picture that's new Celtic Brandon Bass dunking on some Toronto Raptors, who don't look much like an NBA team by the way.

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