Friday, December 9, 2011

I think the world would be a better place without escalators

Standing on escalators is the epitome of lazy.  It's not like they move fast.  They get you to the top so slowly that it blows my mind people don't always walk up them just out of sheer impatience.  Part of the reason I wrote about avoiding the mall at all costs this holiday season was because of my hatred for escalator traffic jams.  Even the polite people who move to the side and let you pass still irritate me.  Why aren't they walking?  Some of these non-walkers also drive fast and honk their horns at slow drivers in front of them.  And I'm sure there's even some people who stand still on escalators while on the way to the gym to work out on a StairMaster.

Maybe at the end of a long day if you're tired and in no rush I could envision someone possibly not having enough energy to walk up a bunch of stairs.  But what about going DOWN?  There is no reason anyone should under any circumstances stand still on a down escalator.  Ever.  If there were no escalators and only stairs people would be in better shape.  Other people who think like me would be able to avoid a lot of unnecessary aggravation from the standing traffic blockers.  And all the people who are too lazy to walk up the stairs could just stay home.

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  1. I honestly could not agree with you more and I was thinking exactly this when I was at the mall the other day. Everyone was just standing there slowly moving down on them - it drives me crazy!


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