Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Citibank rock climbing commercial looks scary as hell

I once did a ropes course where I had to climb a telephone pole and then stand on top of it, which was basically a much easier version of what is going on here.  And that was pretty scary.  But here's the big difference: I was hooked up to a rope ABOVE me.  If I fell off I wasn't going anywhere, I would have just dangled there in mid air.  As far as I can tell, when this girl gets to the top of that thing her rope is attached somewhere down below, near where her boyfriend is.  If she slips she's going to fall like 15-20 feet and smash into the rock.  I don't get how that is safe.  If any rock climbers out there read this and have some insight, please help me out.

The other reason I'm writing this blog is because the song in the background has been stuck in my head lately.  In case you care, it's by some lady named "L.P." and it's called Into the Wild.

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  1. She's doing what's called a lead climb. As she climbs up the rock she's putting different sets of gear in that holds her rope. If she happens to fall she will fall double the amount from her to the last piece of gear. So the gear tends to be 5 to 10 feet apart and there's always a piece in at the harder parts, just in case. Hope this helps. Also try climbing some rock it's amazing!


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