Thursday, October 27, 2011

I'm thinking about getting Tommy John Surgery

The past few months I've been a little bit off my game.  I'm not the same up and coming young southpaw bartending prospect that I used to be.  At this point in my career I'm more of a crafty veteran.  And lately sometimes I feel a slight pain or twinge in my left elbow.  I mean, here's the thing: I can work through it.  I can still go out there everyday and get the job done.  But I've lost a little speed on my ice scooping.  My bottle pouring doesn't have quite the same rotation.  And I am definitely missing some velocity on my cocktail shake and follow through.  I'm just not the same out there.  I think if I had the surgery I could come back in a year, better than ever.

Ok, so that was about 92% sarcastic (although the elbow pain is real and I do have a dream of getting injured on the job and taking time off while getting workers comp, but that's another blog for another day).  Seriously though, when did Tommy John surgery become no big deal?  First Dice K, and now John Lackey?  I remember not that long ago it was a last case resort used to try to fix a guy who's career was probably over because a tendon in his elbow had snapped.  But right now it feels like a regular thing guys do just because they aren't pitching well.  At least for overpaid Red Sox starters.

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