Friday, October 28, 2011

I was not prepared for yesterday. Also I may be psychic.

I spent all day Wednesday trying to figure out was wrong with my site.  It was crashing repeatedly and showing way more than a believable number of hits.  I actually wrote this:

"I wonder if there's some weird virus thing going on and the numbers aren't real.  I got a ton of hits between 1 and 3 am this morning, which is weird.  I did send out a lot of links on twitter during that time, but that doesn't usually work anywhere near as well as my stats are telling me it did.  Who knows, maybe I just tweeted at the right people."

Well, by 2 am I had fixed the problem and figured out that the numbers in fact weren't real.  I sent out a bunch more links on twitter and went to bed.  When I checked my site the next day it again showed a ridiculous number of hits, about the same as the day before, and more than double the previous best day ever.  Except this time it was real.  I had tweeted at the right person.  The night before I sent my Lebron Finals Debacle blog to the editor-in-chief of Slam Magazine, a pretty legit basketball mag that's been in print since 1994.  And by absolute coincidence at that very moment he was finishing up an article about why Lebron is the best player in the NBA.  He decided to use some of my blog as counterarguments in his article (the stuff in italics toward the end is mine), which posted online yesterday.  And just like that this blog had far and away the best traffic day ever.

And when I searched google images for "psychic" this pic from Big came up, so how could I not use it?  Zoltar.  Awesome.


  1. "(lack of caps and styling his, not mine)"

    haha. Nice work, Mark.

  2. Believe it or not, I had never seen the movie Big and had no idea what it was about, until last night when my girlfriend convinced me to watch it. I'm halfway through and I'll probably finish watching it tonight.

    For some reason I feel like this is the second time you've referenced the movie "Big" on this blog. (I can't find the other post but I feel like it had a picture of Tom Hanks.)

  3. First "Big" reference as far as I can remember...


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