Friday, July 22, 2011

Who do you root for when Tampa Bay plays the Yankees?

My dad asked me this question last night.  As of right now the Sox are 2 games up on New York for the Division, and 7.5 ahead of Tampa for the Wild Card.  Logic should dictate that in this series Boston fans would root for the Yankees.  Whether you win the division or wild card doesn't really matter as long as you get in the playoffs.  So in theory pulling as far ahead of Tampa as possible should be the goal.  But that's not how sports works.  When I turned on my computer just now and I saw that the Devil Rays (I know they go by just "Rays" now, but that's stupid and I don't acknowledge it) beat New York 2-1 last night, my first instinct was to be pleased.  That's how you know.  Like last spring before the NCAA title game began I thought for sure I was going to root for Butler, but as soon as the game started I was pulling for Uconn.  You just go with your gut.

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