Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Weird things going on at the Hatch Shell at 230 am

I took this picture one night last week when I was walking home from work around 2:30 in the morning.  Obviously it's not a concert.  I'm 94% sure it was a fake concert set up for a movie set, and all of the people there were volunteer extras.  There was a guy on stage telling them to "silently look like they were excited" in order to comply with noise ordinances.  Which brings me to the point of this blog:  Boston is so hot right now!  I feel like I've been walking by film sets everywhere I go this summer.  Movie stars have been coming into my work and every other trendy restaurant in the city.  I haven't lived in Boston in the summer in a long time, is this normal?  Or is Boston beginning to dominate the entertainment industry just like it has been doing in sports for the past decade?

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