Tuesday, May 17, 2011

ping pong balls and plastic cups

for some reason i found myself in allston one night last week, and the bar i was at had beer pong tables set up.  there were 4 of us, so obviously we had to play.  in the prime of my beer pong career (which i'd say was probably 1999-2002) i was convinced i was the best in the world.  i also called it "beruit" at the time, beer pong was another game played with actual ping pong paddles.  anyway, i haven't played much the last several years, but i'm proud to say i can still bring my A-game when necessary.  it consists of getting cocky and hitting a cup i tell my opponent to pick for me, and also never missing the last rebuttal cup that sends the game to overtime.  if i had to i could definitely get back in game shape with a little bit of training.

and on a slight tangent, would red solo cups be extinct by now without this game?

1 comment:

  1. No. But 'acquaintance rape' might be endangered.


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