Thursday, May 26, 2011

i think oprah has mind control powers

So oprah has done her last show.  It seems to be pretty big news. Sportscenter even did a top 10 "finales" list yesterday in it's honor.  I have never understood why everybody loves her so much.  I watched the show once I think, when a girl I was dating told me the "favorite things" episode was the best one all year.  I thought it was ridiculous, just a crap load of products that were given to the show for free advertising.  It seemed pretty obvious that oprah didn't really even know anything about a lot of the stuff.  My overall impression of her is that she cares a lot more about making people love her and think she's awesome, rather than actually doing any good.  But clearly it's worked; so well played oprah.

also click here and watch this link of the SNL parody:

And yeah, there are some capital letters in this blog.  But that's because I typed it on my phone and it does it automatically.

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