Saturday, May 28, 2011

bring on pavel bure!

i can't imagine how serious hockey fans can survive watching a close game 7.  in baseball, basketball, and football, big games don't get super intense and nerve wracking till the last few innings/minutes/possessions.  but in hockey it's the WHOLE game.  and it takes like 4 seconds for something to happen out of nowhere.  i was in a constant state of anxiousness watching that game, and i don't even care very much. 

moving forward, can anybody name any current vancouver canucks?  vote in the poll at the top right.  i do know the other guy in the picture below is joe thornton though.

and when did vancouver decide to start wearing hartford whalers uniforms?

oh yeah, one more thing, isn't it pretty crazy for an entire NHL game to be played with ZERO penalties?


  1. You OBVIOUSLY don't have a clue about the Canucks. These are the original colors they wore LONG before Hartford.

  2. joining the NHL in 1970 doesn't build a storied history.


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