Thursday, August 18, 2016

Team USA basketball is failing to use it's obvious advantage, I blame coaching strategy

The United States men's basketball team got back on track in Rio yesterday with a 105-78 quarterfinal victory over Argentina.  However, after winning their previous three games by a combined total of just 16 points, the Americans fell behind Argentina 19-9 right out of the gates.

While some countries clearly play better as teams than the U.S. does, talent-wise our squad is astronomically better than everybody else.  The head coach, Mike Krzyzewksi, isn't taking advantage of this.  All of these games should be blowouts.  Krzyzewski has unparalleled depth that is going to waste--other nations have a few NBA players on their rosters, but nothing close at the end of their benches.

Here's what Team USA should do: Try to run as much as possible from the opening tip.  Full-court press on defense on the very first possession.  Substitute continuously and use all 12 guys on the roster.  A "no jumpers in the first five minutes" rule might be useful to promote getting to the rim.  Opponents will be exhausted after the first quarter, with the U.S. likely already way out in front.

There's also this:

I don't see myself getting the Team USA coaching gig any time soon, but Paul Westhead (who's 1990 Denver Nuggets averaged 120 points per game) would be the perfect guy.  Or Rick Pitino, in particular the 1997 version.


  1. Agree to a degree. That said Paul Westhead, Tark the Shark (if he were active) or Rick Pitino are never getting a shot to coach our Olympic teams. Also, no HOF coach who will take gig... will ever relegate his ego to sideline and not somewhow coach 'em up.

    Regardless, it's all meaningless if they just play hard on defense they'll win every game unless they have horrid a shooting night. BUT if they don't play hard they'll lose... no matter what they run or who's coaching.

    1. All valid points. And obviously I don't actually think Pitino or Westhead would ever be the coach, just making a point about what Team USA's playing style should be.


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