Saturday, May 28, 2016

Only one NBA team beat all three remaining title contenders on their home courts this season

There are now three teams left in the NBA playoffs--the Cavaliers, Thunder and Warriors.

On November 15, the Celtics knocked off the Thunder 100-85 in Oklahoma City (although Kevin Durant didn't play).  February 5, Boston won in Cleveland 104-103 on a near-miraculous buzzer-beater by Avery Bradley.  And on April 1, the Celts ended the Warriors' perfect home season with a 109-106 victory in Oakland.

No other squad in the NBA manged to win on the floors of each of the league's final three title contenders.  The Celtics did lose 120-103 in Cleveland on March 3, but still finished the season 3-1 on the road against the Cavs, Thunder and Warriors.  Not bad C's, not bad.

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