Monday, March 7, 2016

Whether or not Warriors break Bulls' record will have nothing to do with Golden State's remaining schedule

Golden State hasn't lost to any of these teams.
The Golden State Warriors are 55-6 (.902), which has them on pace to finish 74-8.  That would be two games better than the 1995-96 Chicago Bulls, who's 72-10 (.878) record is the greatest in NBA history.  Golden State is currently one game ahead of where those Bulls were (54-7) through 61 contests.

A few weeks ago, I listened to a Bill Simmons podcast in which he closely examined the Warriors' remaining schedule and tried to pick out their toughest games in an effort to guess whether or not they might break Chicago's record.  I'm sure that's something a lot of people have been doing lately.

The thing is, it doesn't matter who the Warriors plays from here on out--good teams are not a problem for them.  Their sixth defeat of the season came Sunday, against the now 13-51 Lakers.  Golden State's other five losses are to Denver (25-38), Milwaukee (26-38), Detroit (32-31) Portland (33-31) and Dallas (also 33-31).

The Warriors are a combined 24-0 against the next 12 best teams in the league (pictured).  They may or may not surpass the Bulls' historic mark, but a tough schedule won't be an issue.

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