Tuesday, March 29, 2016

My very simple 'Buddy Hield as an NBA player' analysis

I picked Oklahoma to win the NCAA tournament in all of my brackets because they have the best player in the country, Buddy Hield.  I've had a "Dwyane Wade at Marquette in 2003" feeling about Hield for a while now (Wade averaged 21.8 points per game while carring his No. 3 seed Golden Eagles to the Final Four), and that's why I expect him to be an excellent NBA player.

Don't guys who dominate the NCAA tournament tend to have success on the next level?  I was going to do a bit of research into this, but ESPN's His & Hers (which fittingly used to be called Numbers Never Lie) did it for me:

Another frame of reference: Take a look back at the 2011 draft when I couldn't believe Kemba Walker dropped to ninth.

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