Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Baltimore was just as pathetic as Cleveland at the end of yesterday's Monday Night Football game

Yes, the sad Cleveland Browns lost last night when they had a field goal (for the win) blocked and returned for a touchdown on the final play.  But, everybody seems to be forgetting the fact that the Baltimore Ravens were just as pathetic in the two minutes prior:

Cleveland scored a touchdown to tie the game with 1:47 remaining, leaving one more chance for Baltimore.

However, the Ravens used just 24 seconds (3 plays, 4 yards) and punted the ball back to the Browns with 1:24 left.

Not to be outdone, Cleveland maintained possession for only 27 seconds (3 plays, -8 yards) and also punted.

In an effort to top that, the Ravens threw an interception on the very next play (1 play, 0 yards).

The Browns then actually held the ball for 50 seconds (4 plays 13 yards) before the infamous block-FG/return-TD.

There were six possessions after the two-minute warning--a horrible display of offense by both ballclubs and a pretty stark contrast to the night before when Tom Brady drove the Patriots 51 yards in the snow in the last 1:09 without his top four receivers for the game-tying field goal.

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