Tuesday, October 6, 2015

This ESPN story on potential DraftKings/FanDuel scandal misses the boat, doesn't explain the issue

One of the top headlines right now on ESPN.com is a story about a possible "insider trading" type of scandal with daily fantasy sports.  Here's the quick summary:

A DraftKings employee finished second and won $350,000 in a FanDuel contest.  It's possible he had inside knowledge of which players weren't being used heavily in DraftKings contests.  If you pick players who most other people don't, and then those players do well, your chances of winning increase dramatically.

The thing is, it was a DraftKings employee who may have had access to DraftKings information, but he won on FanDuel.  He didn't have FanDuel information.  Nowhere in the article does it explain how knowing which players aren't being used on DraftKings might help when playing FanDuel.

My guess is that they both have huge contests which hundreds of thousands of people entered in each, so it's enough of a sample size to assume that the data from one would be similar to the other.  Isn't it worth explaining that in the story though?

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