Thursday, October 22, 2015

The Denver Broncos have no business being 6-0

The Broncos have beaten the Ravens (1-5), Chiefs (1-5), Lions (1-5), Vikings (3-2), Raiders (2-3) and Browns (2-4) by a total of 37 points (for comparison, the Patriots beat the Jaguars by 34 points).  Those six clubs have a combined record of 10-24.

Denver has scored 139 points through six games, an average of 23.2 per contest.  However, the Broncos have also relied on four touchdowns from their defense (20 percent of their scoring), meaning their offense is only putting up 18.5 PPG.

Peyton Manning is averaging 240.8 passing yards per game with seven touchdowns, 10 interceptions and a 72.5 quarterback rating (in one fewer game Tom Brady is averaging 325.2 passing yards with 14 TDs, one INT and a rating of 118.4).

The Broncos have no business being 6-0.

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