Thursday, September 17, 2015

Name that TV commercial voice (also DFS will soon rule the world)

One of my best useless talents in identifying actors who's voices are used in TV commercials.  To me, this is an easy one:

If you didn't get it right away, I'll reveal the answer in a second.  The way things are going (and unless it's eventually deemed illegal), the daily fantasy sports for money business appears to be on track to take over the universe.  On his ESPN Radio show, Ryen Russillo mentioned that DraftKings was the No. 1 advertiser in the country last week.  DK and FanDuel ads have become so prevalent at the moment that this is now the case:

But, the real reason you know DFS (daily fantasy sports) is big time is because Edward Norton is doing ads for it.


  1. I'm predicting it will become illegal in 2-3 years. They say it's not illegal because it's not directly betting on the outcome of games and it's considered skill-based to win ... but it def requires more luck than online poker to win and the legality of that didn't last. Sorry but fantasy sports is straight-up gambling.


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