Friday, June 5, 2015

Would you ever hire somebody to do a scenic photo shoot of just yourself?

The other day I was jogging around Castle Island in South Boston.  I saw a guy standing down on the rocks by the water, along with a woman holding a large professional camera complete with a giant zoom lens and an elaborate flash system.  The guy was of a very similar appearance to (and dressed like) the one pictured---except there wasn't a pregnant lady with him.

It was just him, by himself, having a series of scenic photographs taken with the sunset in the background (by the way, I apologize to the guy in this random image I found on google, he's just an innocent bystander).  My best guess is that he wanted some nice profile pictures for his Tinder or account.  I debated stopping to take a picture of him having his picture taken, but he looked like the kind of guy who probably wouldn't have taken too kindly to such a thing.

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