Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Computer hacking, Mr. Robot, Tom Brady and the St. Louis Cardinals

Last night I watched the pilot episode of a new USA show called Mr. Robot.  It's really cool--the main character is a vigilante computer hacker who appears to be a combination of Batman and Showtime's Dexter.  However, one scene caught me off guard and left me quite shaken (click on the video in the tweet):

"It feels like all our heroes are counterfeit."  Lance Armstrong, Bill Cosby and Tom Brady?  Really USA.  Wow.  Can that be what people actually think?

After watching that show last night, I was fairly amused to see the headline today FBI investigates Cardinals for hacking.

I'm extremely curious to see where this story goes, and whether or not it will be a bigger deal than taking air out of some footballs.

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