Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Sea World really, really wants me to believe their whales like being there

While watching the SVP and Russillo show (and other ESPN daytime television), lately I have been inundated with this Sea World propaganda commercial:

ESPN is owned by ABC, which is owned by Disney, which also owns Sea World--so I get it.  After I saw the ad for the 787th time, I decided to do some research.  I now have a modest knowledge of the death of Dawn Brancheau, the whale Tilikum, and the film Blackfish.

Two things come to mind: One, I think it's pretty amazing that video of Brancheau's death never became public (and can't be found on YouTube).  And two, probably isn't the best place to "get the facts."  That's like suggesting I go to for unbiased info on this whole Tom Brady fiasco.

And on that note, it appears as though Donald Trump has been reading my blog...

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