Wednesday, April 22, 2015

My completely delusional theory about Rajon Rondo triumphantly returning to the Celtics

After a disappointing season, Rajon Rondo's time in Dallas appears to be over.  The following thoughts are not lucid.  They are the irrational ramblings of a fan who can't stand to see the demise of his favorite player:

Rajon Rondo can shoot.  I've seen it.  Most notably in the H.O.R.S.E. competition with Kevin Durant at the 2010 All-Star Game, in the playoffs vs. the Heat in 2012, and this year in his first game back at the TD Garden with the Mavs.  So why is he so bad at it (especially free throws, under 40 percent this season) so much of the time?

Maybe he just gets bored.

Maybe his knee actually has fully recovered from the ACL tear two years ago, but he's unhappy with his current situation.  Maybe he realizes Boston is the only place that does make him happy.  Maybe Danny Ainge knows that, and has always known that.  Maybe now that Rondo's free-agent value is shot, Boston can re-sign him on the cheap this summer.

Maybe that was the master plan all along--Rondo doesn't care about the money and wanted to stay with the Celtics, but was eager for them to get something in return for him, as well as have tons of available salary cap space to bring in another star or two.

Maybe Rondo and Brad Stevens will form some sort of brilliant Good Will Hunting meets A Beautiful Mind type of duo as the foundation of a new C's dynasty.

I'd rather believe all that than admit Rondo's career is in an out-of-control downward spiral...


  1. I think it's just that he's a particular player and needs to be in a very specific situation. If he finds that situation (maybe with Kobe & Kevin Love on the Lakers), he could again become that memorable player we remember from 5-6 years ago. Seems like it's all about him meshing well with his coach which he struggles with mightily.

    1. Definitely. I also think he hasn't recovered from his knee injury. Not sure if he ever will fully at this point. Unless he comes back here, haha.


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