Friday, December 19, 2014

My pragmatic and unemotional Rajon Rondo thoughts (I'll save the emotional ones for tomorrow)

- It appears as though the Celtics did not get very much in return for Rajon Rondo.  I'm confused what the rush was to deal him so quickly.  Why not wait a bit and see what other options become available?  It makes me wonder if there's something else going on here we don't know about.

- As far as where Rondo ended up, I'm actually a little excited to see him in Dallas.  I've always been a fan of Dirk Nowitzki, and Rondo might be the perfect piece to make the Mavs contenders this season.

- If he immediately reverts back to 2012 All-Star Rondo, I'm not sure if I'll be annoyed that guy disappeared in Boston, or just happy to see him again.  Rondo hasn't been his old self lately with the Celtics.  He's afraid to shoot the ball, turns it over too much, and doesn't come up with big plays in key moments.  I've got a feeling having a top-notch roster around him again is going to make a huge difference.

- I am thoroughly unexcited for the Jameer Nelson era at point guard.

- Part of me is worried that the Celtics will be better now.  As talented a player as Rondo is, I really don't think he was helping Boston much this year.  I'd honestly be shocked if they're any worse the rest of the season without him.

- On Wednesday night when the trade rumors got serious I decided to write an article for Hoops Habit on The 10 Best Stat Lines of Rajon Rondo's Career.  Take a look, he had some pretty amazing games in his time with the Celtics.

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