Friday, December 5, 2014

Celtics vs. Lakers: Do you still get excited?

The Lakers are in town to play the Celtics tonight.  I'm honestly shocked that my tickets actually sold for more than face value.  Boston is 5-11, L.A. is 5-14.  The Celtics have lost 17 straight games vs. Western Conference teams, including 0-7 this season.  And despite their terrible record, the Lakers are 4-1 against Eastern Conference teams.

Yesterday Rajon Rondo and Kobe Bryant had breakfast together at the Paramount in Beacon Hill, just a few doors over from where I used to live.  Here's my analysis:

Earlier this week I wrote an article for Hoops Habit, Stat Central: The Top 5 Most Efficient Scorers In The NBA This Season.  Neither Kobe nor Rondo comes anywhere near cracking the list.  Kobe is missing shots at an alarming rate and Rondo can't hit anything lately, he's scored just two points in each of the Celtics last three games.

Also on Hoops Habit, check out Is John Wall Now Better Than Derrick Rose?  

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