Friday, October 24, 2014

So long Steve Nash, arguably one of the 12 greatest players in NBA history

Last night the Lakers announced that Steve Nash is our for the season with nerve damage in his back.  The general assumption is that the 40-year old Nash will retire.  Here are the two things that stand out most to me about Nash:

One, I vividly remember watching his first game on a national stage when he was a freshman at Santa Clara in 1993.  Nash's Broncos upset No. 2 seed Arizona (featuring the Khalid Reeves and Damon Stoudamire backcourt) in the first round of the NCAA tourney, becoming just the second No. 15 seed to ever win a game (my Richmond Spiders were the first, defeating Syracuse in 1991).

For some reason the commentator's line "Nash has got ice water in his veins" has always stuck in my head.  But what only now came to my attention is who the play-by-play guy was for that game:

And two, Nash, a 6'3" Canadian, is a two-time NBA MVP.  Kobe, Shaq, Olajuwon, Barkley, Dr. J, Oscar Robertson and a whole lot of other guys never won two MVP awards.  In fact, only 12 players ever have: LeBron, Nash, Duncan, Karl Malone, Jordan, Magic, Bird, Moses Malone, Kareem, Wilt, Russell and Bob Pettit.

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