Saturday, September 6, 2014

Could the Patriots ever trade Tom Brady?

Last week New England traded Logan Mankins, a career Patriot since 2005 who made the Pro Bowl in each of the last five seasons.  The Bill Belichick Pats are absolutely ruthless when it comes to letting guys go who they think don't quite have it anymore.  Time and time again they've shown they'd rather risk moving on a little too early than too late.

The Mankins deal got me wondering, is it actually possible the Patriots could one day trade Tom Brady?  In a radio interview Thursday, Westwood One's Jim Gray asked Brady that very question:

Gray: "When you see the organization do stuff like this Tom, do you worry that at some point you're going to be next?"

TB: "I don’t think I worry about it, I think I understand that that’s part of the business, and I need to continue to find ways in the offseason to make sure that the team does want me. And if there ever comes a time where the team doesn’t, maybe there’s another team that will."

Brady is 37 years old, and under contract for four more seasons counting this one.  Dealing a no-longer-elite 40-year-old who's still got big-name value elsewhere would literally be the ultimate test of New England's philosophy.

Without dwelling on this too much and making my head explode, I think it is possible.  Vote in the poll below:

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