Wednesday, August 6, 2014

'Ted 2' filming in Boston; Marky Mark is not very tall

The restaurant I work at is in the bottom floor of a large office building.  When I arrived for my shift yesterday there were several movie production trucks surrounding the place.  Apparently a scene for the movie Ted 2 was being shot in one of the offices on the second floor.

Marky Mark in the middle.
Around 5 pm some women came in and sat at the bar (which has a direct view of elevators in the hallway leading to the building's lobby), hoping to catch a glimpse of Mark Wahlberg.  I kind of laughed when they said this; but less than a minute later, sure enough Marky Mark stepped out of the elevator.

In the half-second glimpse I got of him passing by, my one thought was "huh, he's pretty short."  That's been my reaction to the vast majority of actors I have come across in real life though.

Walhberg hung out in the lobby for a bit (along with actress Amanda Seyfried, and Ted, the stuffed bear himself), and my bar guests stealthily took some pictures which they were kind enough to share with me.

Seyfried sits off to the side while people flock to Wahlberg; 'Ted' gets prepped for filming.

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