Saturday, June 21, 2014

Would soccer be better if "offsides" wasn't a thing?

Offsides caused this goal not to count.
I'm at best a casual soccer fan, but I do really enjoy the World Cup in the same way that people get excited about the Olympics.

Having said that, I think the offside rule is dumb.  The "football" purists are going to rip me for suggesting this, but until I hear a good argument otherwise I believe I have a reasonable case.  I've done a little research on the interwebs, and to this point nothing has swayed me.

From my point of view offsides decreases scoring and allows defenders the opportunity to avoid covering the whole field.  It also seems like play often gets clogged up because of it.  Other sports are generally considered to be more entertaining and performed at a higher level when players "space the floor."  Why would the same philosophy not apply to soccer?

And before you tear into this realize that I've phrased my points in the form of questions.


  1. Think i read when it was legal teams essentially would leave a player(s) posting up in front of the goal. Youd think it would open up the game but apparently it just made it really disjointed and encouraged a lack of possession and sort of just booming into the other half. Completely different game. You want to up scoring expand the goals argument could be made like it is in basketball about raising the rims the athletes now are too big for the old standards. Goalies dwarf goalies from 50 years ago when scoring was high... Or the game is pretty awesome as is and doesnt need tweaking.

    1. Thanks for the comment. I've read some similar stuff, but I still like to see it for myself. I think it might be more exciting to watch if the ball moved up and down the field like that. Bigger nets might definitely help...


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