Monday, June 9, 2014

Brock Holt is the Red Sox MVP so far

The Red Sox have completed 62 games to this point, with exactly 100 remaining; 38% of their season is over.  Brock Holt has taken the field in just 28 of those contests, but he's been far and away Boston's best player since becoming an everyday fixture in the lineup.

Holt is hitting .339 over 115 at-bats.  Xander Bogaerts has the next highest average on the team, 46 points lower at .293.

The Red Sox began the season struggling mightily to find a leadoff hitter.  Daniel Nava went 3-for-20 (.150) in that role.  Grady Sizemore was 4-for-43 (.093).  Dustin Pedroia stepped in and batted .268 in 112 at-bats, but Boston missed have him in the heart of the order.  Holt is hitting .350 in 17 games after taking over at the top.

Originally the Sox brought him up to fill in the for injured Will Middlebrooks at third base.  When Stephen Drew came back Boston decided it couldn't afford to lose Holt's surprisingly hot bat, so he was shifted to first base.  Last night Mike Napoli returned, and the Red Sox decided to give Holt a shot in left field.  He responded by going 4-for-5 and making this spectacular catch:

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