Friday, May 30, 2014

Friday twitter roundup: Bogaerts, Lackey hot; Canada hockey, Jenny Dell not. And a Wonder Years reunion

Yesterday the Red Sox started Ryan Lavarnway at first base, pinch hit for him with Daniel Nava, hit for Nava with David Ortiz, then ran for Ortiz with Mike Carp.

Meanwhile Jake Peavy pitched 8 innings, followed by Koji Uehara for the 9th.  It looks as if Uehara celebrated his victory with a nice cold beverage, although who knows what his postgame tweet actually means.

The suddenly hot Sox have won 4 straight after dropping their previous 10.

Jenny Dell is done at NESN.  I wonder what percentage of Red Sox Nation thinks Boston should have kept Dell and ditched Will Middlebrooks instead?

The New York Rangers eliminated the Montreal Canadiens last night, marking the 21st straight year that a Canadian team won't win the Stanley Cup, the longest such streak in NHL history.

And finally, there's no way I wasn't including this:

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