Sunday, March 16, 2014

Jose Iglesias' injury is making the Red Sox look really smart right now

Yesterday the news broke that Detroit Tigers shortstop Jose Iglesias will be out until at least the All-Star break, and may miss most of the season.  The Tigers won't talk about what exactly is wrong with him, but ESPN is reporting that he has "significant injuries to both shins."  Apparently Iglesias has suffered from shin splints for years, but his condition has recently gotten a lot worse.

When the Red Sox traded Iglesias away last summer in order to acquire Jake Peavy, I was not pleased.  I said that they probably had to win the World Series in order to make it worth while.  Well that happened, and now Iglesias is dealing with serious long-term injury concerns.  Clearly the Sox made the right move.

In order to replace Iglesias, Detroit may sign Boston's other shortstop from last year, free agent Stephen Drew.  The Red Sox meanwhile are putting all their eggs in the Xander Bogaerts basket at that position.  Last week I wrote an article for Bleacher Report guessing the odds of Boston players to make the All-Star game, and many people complained that I gave Bogaerts only a 5% chance.  Their argument was that there's not a lot of quality competition at shortstop in the American League; and now with Iglesias out there is even less.

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