Tuesday, March 11, 2014

I can't wait to blame Andrew Bynum if the Pacers lose to the Celtics tonight

On February 1 the Indiana Pacers signed Andrew Bynum.  If you are not familiar with my distaste for the NBA cancer that is Bynum, read this timeline of recent events.  He hasn't played in a game since last suiting up for the Cavs on December 26, but Pacers coach Frank Vogel announced today that Bynum will see action against the Celtics this evening.

Indiana (46-17) had previously dropped consecutive games only once all season, but now finds themselves losers of four in row (maybe from the karma of Bynum's impending debut?).  The Celtics (22-41) have won two straight for the first time in a month, and are playing their best basketball since Rajon Rondo's return (the other day for CelticsLife I discussed how they are actually still in the playoff race).  Boston also came very close to beating the Pacers 10 days ago, eventually falling 102-97.

At this point in the year pretty much all C's fans are hoping for more losses and a better position in the draft lottery.  If Boston pulls the upset in Indiana tonight, there's no doubt in my mind that it will be the fault of Andrew Bynum.

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