Thursday, March 27, 2014

How great would your workplace be if it had "Survivor" style firings?

I have never really watched the TV show Survivor, but I know it became famous for the premise of "voting people off the island."  Well, that's how I think the typical American workplace should function.  I first came up with this idea while bartending at giant super-trendy restaurant in New York City in 2006, and have felt the same way pretty much everywhere I've worked since.

Coworkers always have a better sense of who's a good employee than management does.  And how much would everybody enjoy the opportunity to influence who they are working with?  Once a month or so each employee should throw a name into a hat, and whoever receives the most votes gets fired; with a new person then hired to replace them.

The "hot girl" who just gets by on her looks and doesn't actually do any work?  Gone.  The smooth talker who convinces people how great he is without really contributing anything?  Gone.  That other guy who you always seem to be picking up the slack for but nobody notices?  Gone.  Even the person who just leaves a mess all the time or is generally irritating to talk to, gone.

Worker productivity would increase, as would the overall level of happiness.

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