Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Malt vinegar is an offensive condiment; reminds me of this scene from the movie "Big Trouble"

Usually if you're eating a meal in a restaurant you don't really care much about the condiment choices of the people around you.  If the lady at the next table wants to put way too much ketchup on her plate, what's it to me?  There is one exception to this rule however: malt vinegar.

If one person decides to use it, everybody in the room knows it.  Plain and simple, the stuff just stinks.  I actually don't mind the taste of it, and am happy to eat it with my fish and chips from time to time.  But it doesn't add enough flavor in my opinion to warrant subjecting everyone else in the area to its odor.

I propose malt vinegar should be banned from all restaurants for the common good of the people, kind of like smoking.  Obviously that's a huge jump to make (and this scene is an extreme example; Big Trouble is an underrated movie by the way, and a hilarious book by Dave Berry), but the principle is along the same lines.


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