Friday, January 24, 2014

I'm not of fan of the "saving your parking spot when it snows" phenomenon

There's a "rule" in South Boston that when it snows you're allowed to save your parking spot on the street if you shovel it out.  I have three basic issues with this:

1. More often than not people don't actually clear the spots of snow, they just get rid of what's necessary to be able to move their car.  Why should that entitle you to unlimited access the the place you happened to park before the snow fell?  You were going to have to shovel enough to get your car out anyway, it's not like you're doing some sort of public service.

2. The neighborhood looks like garbage.  I've seen people save their spots with plastic buckets, old furniture, broken appliances, cardboard boxes, trash barrels, and once just a random single shoe.  The streets are full of crap like it's some sort of shantytown.

3. People take advantage of the system and cling to the rights to their spot for way too long, often when the snow is no longer even remotely a factor.  Case in point, this photo:

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