Thursday, December 5, 2013

Derick Rose "won't rule out a playoff return." Hahahahahaha

Ok, so I did a little "cut and paste" trickery with the photo, but that is the real number two headline on right now, and the quote is a screenshot from within the article.  I realize the average NBA fan feels bad for Rose suffering another major injury, but to me this is just laughable.

Really Derrick, you'll play if you're healthy?  You'll come to the rescue of your teammates in the playoffs if you can?  I'm not sure I believe you.  Hmm.  If only there was some sort of historical context to base this on; like a previous example of you being fully healthy and recovered from injury in time for the playoffs...


  1. I guess $153 Mil was more important to him.

  2. Yeah:( But I don't see it making any difference in his life compared to only $120 million or so...

  3. No argument from me on that point. Perhaps it's an ego thing for him, a measure of his value. This contract puts him up with some pretty good company. Also, I don't think he was happy with the Sox during that whole period when he was injured and not playing. In the end I doubt very much if the Yankees will get that kind of value from him, so he comes out ahead, the Yankees lose and he doesn't care all that much about the Red Sox.


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