Saturday, November 16, 2013

Less than encouraging Red Lobster ad promotes no worse than mediocrity

The other day I had my TV on in the background and wasn't paying any attention, but when I heard what the chef in this commercial said at the :15 second mark my ears perked up:

"If I wouldn't eat it, I'm not gonna serve it."

I'm sorry Red Lobster, but those do not come off as very inspiring words.  In fact, to me that seems like pretty much the bare minimum of standards for restaurant food (if that).  There's all kinds of stuff I'd happily cook and eat myself but wouldn't give to other people.  Here's how my though process might go if you put me in that chef's place:

"Ah crap, this salmon is burnt on top.  Would I still eat it?  Totally.  I guess I'll send it out there."

"Hmm, this fried shrimp has been sitting in the window for a while, and it's not hot anymore.  Oh well, I'd definitely still eat it, so I guess it's fine."

Granted I'm not a chef, and I'll eat just about anything.  But I still think the Red Lobster ad execs could have come up with about a million other things for that guy to say that would have sounded more enticing.

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