Thursday, August 29, 2013

If a dessert doesn't have chocolate it's not as good. Period.

Sometimes I don't understand people and desserts.  If you want to eat something healthier that's only kind of a dessert, fine.  I get that.  But don't try to convince me that whatever it is you're eating is as good as a real dessert.  If you look at the above picture and can even question for a second which one is better, you probably should be banned from all dessert related conversations going forward.  I understand the need for inferior non-chocolate based desserts, and I realize that they do have a place in society.  But never under any circumstances should they be construed of as having equal value.  Even the best chocolate-free desserts (cheesecake for example?) can always be improved by adding chocolate.

On the rare occasion when I order dessert in a restaurant, the first thing I do is eliminate all the ones that don't feature chocolate.  If you're treating yourself to something special, it's crazy to entertain the idea of an inferior product for no good reason.  Casey McCall of Sports Night sums up my philosophy perfectly:

For more great "Sports Night" clips, click here and here.



  1. Agreed. Some kind of cinnamon dessert can sometimes come close to chocolate. But still gotta give the edge to chocolate.

    Although what about fried ice cream? Ever try that?

    1. Yeah, but chocolate fried ice cream is even better.


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