Monday, June 17, 2013

Danny Ainge should take his time before letting Doc Rivers go

The L.A. Clippers want Doc Rivers to be their coach.  They also want Kevin Garnett.  They're hoping that the combination of these two will convince superstar point guard Chris Paul to re-sign with them.  L.A. appears willing to give the Celtics center DeAndre Jordan in order to make this happen, but not guard Eric Bledsoe as well.  Danny Ainge wants Bledsoe too.  That seems to be where we are at for the moment in this Doc Rivers saga.

But here's the thing: The Celtics have Doc under contract for 3 more years.  I don't understand what the urgency is for Boston to make a deal.  If the Clippers are unwilling to offer exactly what Ainge wants, he should just walk away and say "sorry, I'm keeping my coach."  Maybe L.A. would up their offer.  Great.  Maybe Doc, Garnett, and Paul Pierce all come back for year 7 of the 3 year plan.  Fine.  Maybe Doc decides to step down and take a year off, or return to broadcasting; Boston can still get something for him if someone wants his services down the line.  Maybe Garnett retires, or accepts a trade somewhere else.  Boston can also deal Paul Pierce to another team as well.

My point is this: If Rivers, Garnett, and Pierce are no longer going to be around next year, what's the rush to get something done on someone else's terms?  The Clippers are the team looking to make a few tweaks to their roster in order to contend, while the Celtics would be undergoing a major overhaul.  There are all kinds of possibilities for Boston if they decide to make wholesale changes, so why do anything in haste before exploring other options?


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