Friday, June 14, 2013

Brittney Griner hasn't impacted the WNBA like I thought she would

Given the way she dominated women's college basketball unlike anyone ever has, I was of the opinion that when Brittney Griner started playing in the WNBA she would immediately be the league's best player. I also figured her squad would instantly become a championship contender, if not the favorite.  So far that has been anything but the case, despite Griner dunking twice in her league debut.  Through 4 games she's not leading her team, the Phoenix Mercury, in scoring (Griner 16.7 PPG, Diana Taurasi 18.8).  She's not even leading them in rebounding; Griner's averaging 6.7, DeWanna Bonner (yes, that's really her name) 7.5.

And here's the really curious thing: Phoenix lost their first three games with Griner, but then she missed their 4th contest with a sprained knee.  That's their only victory.  It's probably a good thing Mark Cuban didn't draft her for the NBA.  I guess the fact that Griner isn't completely taking over actually speaks well for the overall level of talent and competition in the WNBA.



  1. Most eye-catching to me so far was the game where she has ZERO blocks in about 30 minutes against Minnesota. She hadn't failed to block a shot since her sophomore year.

    The transition from college to WNBA is significant, talent-wise and size-wise.
    Brittney will be just fine -- Della Donne as well, 'twould seem.
    Diggins, I'm afraid, might not even be the best rookie point guard on her own team.

    BTW, DeWanna Bonner, contrary to appearances, is a baller.

  2. I must confess I don't pay much attention to the WNBA. I Like Della Donne though so far...


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