Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Jason Kidd is setting NBA records for scoreless-ness

Somehow Kidd even missed this one.
I wrote about this for Celtics Life on Monday, and now Jason Kidd's streak has gotten even worse (or maybe better?).  The last time Kidd scored a point was in Game 2 of the New York-Boston series.  That was 8 games ago.

He's played a total of 177 minutes over those eight contests.  Kidd is averaging slightly more than 22 minutes per game during the stretch, and been on the floor for at least 15 minutes every night.  Spanning that time he's pulled down 31 rebounds, dished out 19 assists, had 6 steals, and even blocked 4 shots.  But he's also 0-16 from the field, with a grand total of zero points.

I have a pretty confident feeling that Kidd's streak of scoreless minutes is an all-time league record; but I can't figure it out, and nobody is mentioning it (I keep saying this, but I need a research department!  Or will somebody please create an all sports super-powered version of google that can automatically give me the correct answers to any questions I come up with about obscure records?).  I'm also 99.9% positive that Kidd is the first NBA player to ever attempt a shot and grab a rebound in 8 straight games without scoring. only goes back to 1985, but in that time nobody else has even done this more than 6 games in a row.


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