Monday, May 6, 2013

Clay Buchholz looks to extend streak without "spit balls"

Clay Buchholz will try to go 7-0 tonight.  So far this season he's emerged victorious every time he's taken the mound.  6 starts, 6 wins.  No other pitcher in baseball has more than 5 W's this year.  Buchholz also has an MLB best 1.01 ERA.  Last week ex-pitcher (a World Series MVP and five-time All-Star) and current Toronto Blue Jays broadcaster Jack Morris accused Buccholz of throwing a "spit ball;" cheating by putting something on the baseball to give it added movement.

Oddly enough, my gut instinct is to believe Morris may actually be right.  It seems like a very strange accusation to make, and I doubt Morris would do it if he didn't think he was 100% correct.  And yes it's only been 6 starts, but Buchholz's number's are dramatically better than his career 46-32 record and 3.92 ERA heading into this season.

And then there's his hair.  A couple weeks ago I remember thinking to myself "what's the deal with Clay's hair?  Why is it so wet and oily looking all the time?"  Now we have a possible reason.  Hopefully I'm wrong.  Probably I am.  Maybe we'll find out more tonight.


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