Tuesday, April 16, 2013

What do I write about today?

On Sunday morning I ran a 5K race that ended at the Boston Marathon finish line.  In this photo I'm jogging directly past the spot where the first bomb would go off on Monday.

Yesterday I was in a bar in Kenmore Square around the 25 mile mark when it happened.  For me this is going to be one of those moments that you always remember exactly where you were and what you were doing at the time.  This afternoon I walked through Boston Common, where the National Guard had set up camp.

Earlier this evening I turned on my computer for the first time since Sunday night.  I read an enormous number of "Happy Birthday!" messages on facebook, many of which were from early in the day, and said things like this:

"Happy Birthday! May Marathon Monday be sunny and bright for your bday celebrations!"

It was an incredibly weird feeling to see that now.



  1. Mark, there's been a claim that this race image has been tampered with - not kidding. Someone pointed out the lady with the purple top in the bottom right corner. The table appears to be cutting off her bottom torso. Any thoughts? Is this your image?

  2. Yeah, before I posted this picture of me that my girlfriend took from her cell phone I decided to randomly photoshop some girl's legs out of it. Not sure why I did, just thought it would be funny.

    1. By the way, the above comment was 100% sarcastic. People who are reading this because they are coming from a site discussing whether or not this photo was altered, and how that relates to some sort of elaborate fake bombing conspiracy need to seriously re-evaluate their lives (and that's the nice version of what I would actually like to say).

  3. That would explain it. No, I can see the name tag on that runner. The main thing I was trying to figure out is why someone from a high profile blog would link to your picture and say something like that, but I think the answer is now obvious. Thanks, and sorry to bother.

  4. what are you talking about? What high profile blog?


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