Saturday, March 9, 2013

I don't think this guy thought things through very well

Kyle Smith may not be able to enjoy dinner out ever again.
There's a movie critic for the New York Post who hates waiters.  His name is Kyle Smith, and last week he published a story about his disdain for the people who bring him food in NYC restaurants.  He also appears to be proud of himself for irritating so many people with the article, based on his recent blog post.

I'm not going to go on one of my restaurant worker rants and make counter arguments to all the stupid stuff he wrote, because that would take forever.  I'll just say I think he's an idiot for making enemies with this large portion of the population.

I keep thinking of one particular scene from the film Fight Club (I'm not in any way condoning violence or expressing an opinion here; I'm only saying this is what I'm reminded of).  In the the movie the guys in "Fight Club" are just regular blue collar people, and they're everywhere.  When a politician goes after them he has no idea who he's dealing with, and he ends up tied and gagged on the floor of restaurant bathroom with a knife to his testicles.

Warning: This clip contains adult language.


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