Thursday, January 3, 2013

Chronicling the death of magazines

In August of 2011 I wrote a piece about fantasy football magazines being adversely affected by the NFL lockout.  As an afterthought I mentioned that magazines in general were probably outdated; any time in the past when I would have read one I now just look at something on my phone instead.  Almost exactly a year later I lamented the end of the line for one of my favorite childhood magazines, Nintendo Power.

Last October I received a free 10 week subscription to Newsweek, Entertainment Weekly, and Sports Illustrated.  All 30 issues now sit unread in a stack on my kitchen counter.  Ironically, this was the final one to appear in my mailbox before the subscription ran out:

In publication since 1933, Newsweek is now only available online.  And it cost me just $24.7 million to get them to advertise my site on the final cover.


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